One of the more unfortunate examples of my big Texas hair

I crack myself up sometimes.

In person, I frequently use humor to connect with other people. It brings me great joy to make people laugh and I have occasionally been known to go a little too far past the line of propriety in my attempts to produce a chuckle or giggle from my listeners. My favorite people are those with whom I can be silly, including my frequently inappropriate extended family. I love to laugh and many find me to be an appreciative audience because I will laugh at almost anything. My dependability as an enthusiastic audience member is probably why they asked me to be Drama Booster President.

Because I tend to write about more serious matters, my blog posts don’t always reflect my love of humor. Over the years, however, I have occasionally found myself at the computer in a “bit of a mood” and the resulting posts are a little more unpredictable. The best ones, of course, are the times I am making fun of my own foolishness.

In honor of April Fool’s Day, my little Friday Five community is celebrating laughter (and perhaps fools) with 5 Laugh Out Loud’s. I decided to share a few old posts where I found myself giggling at my silliness while I was writing.

Here are 5 Times I Made Myself (and possibly you) Laugh:

Speaking of Struggling… Speaking of my own foolishness, this is the pitiful tale of the time I tried to move an air hockey table on a wet floor in flip flops by myself. And how the entire debacle was ALL my husband’s fault. And how I couldn’t be blamed for my bad behavior because I was hungry. Learn from me, gentle reader. Do as I say, not as I do. I still have flashbacks every time I go down in the basement. But my knee is fine now, thank you for asking.

Only Dinosaurs Use Two Spaces  Ok, I just read through this again and I am still mad about this rule change. And I still don’t understand thong underwear.

Sweet Irony and Dirty Dishes This is the one where I am a totally loving and supportive parent, until I get just a teeny little bit smart alecky at the end. But when you read it, you will completely understand why I needed to point out the irony of our conversation. There is justice in the universe.

The Meaning of My Hair I feel strongly about my hair. If you look at the little word cloud entitled Things I Write About in the sidebar of my blog, you will see My Hair has been mentioned in my blog posts frequently enough to warrant its own category. Just a few days ago on Easter Sunday, in honor of Jesus and the resurrection, I pulled out my hot rollers so my hair would be big and fluffy for church. When we took our seat, the lady in the pew behind us leaned up to whisper in a lovely, lilting southern accent, “I love your hair! ” I was so proud! In this somewhat silly post, I talk about the things which make me, me. Including my big Texas hair.

Happy New Year-A Tale of Best Laid Plans  This story of me trying to impose order and structure on my most unruly family member (me) makes me laugh all over again. Ever the optimist, I do this every January in some form or fashion, and generally again in September. Seriously, you should go read this one, even if you skipped the other ones. You will feel better about yourself, I promise. Also, my hair makes a comeback in this post, so you won’t want to miss that.

There you go, my friends! A little peek at my sillier side. If you have nothing important to do and are enjoying these posts, here are a few other even older ones:

Sister Bowl 2008 – Where I beat my sister in the Fantasy Football championship

Confessions of a Part Time Liberal– Where I discover my true feelings about polar bears

Snow Art– Where my daughter puts fake blood on a snow man in our front yard and her sister is horrified

Living in My Bubble– Where I am shocked and dismayed by Halloween costumes for 13 year old girls and discover I may NOT be ready for the teenage years to come.



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