I-Always-Want-My-Mom-When-I-Dont-Feel-GoodI’m sitting in a Starbucks in downtown Boston drinking a green tea and watching the people walk by.  My daughter is sleeping in my hotel room nearby, wiped out from a nasty case of mono.  I flew into town earlier this week when it became clear that my baby girl, in spite of her valiant efforts, was overwhelmed, scared and exhausted by the health concerns that have plagued her for much of the semester.

In short, she needed her momma.

Today is Accepted Students Day at my daughter’s college here in Boston.  I have a perfect view from my window perch of this year’s crop of eager high school seniors as they explore the possibility of making Boston their home next year.  It makes me smile as I recall our trip here at this time last year and the moment we all knew that this place would become her new home.

As we near the end of our first school year with both kids in college, I am feeling sentimental about the changes in our family.  And grateful.  And proud.  And optimistic about the future as we continue to grow, explore new roles and consider what it means to do life together in this next season.  We are figuring this thing out a little at a time.

As I’ve been encouraging my daughter from long distance and ultimately deciding to come to Boston to encourage her in person, my own mom has been checking in with me constantly.  Whether we are 18 and living away from home for the first time or 50 and adjusting to an empty nest after 21 years of hands on parenting, what a blessing it is to have someone who is always on your side, always in your corner, always thinking of you, always willing to drop everything to be there for you.

Always mom.

God’s hands and feet and heart with skin on.  Way to go, momma friends!  Job well done.