Throwback Thursday Graphic-01One of the things I like about our social media world is the graphics people often post as their cover photo or Instagram post.  You know the ones: a pretty photo overlayed with a pithy, thought provoking phrase.  Many of my favorite writers, including Glennon Melton at Momastery and Love Does author Bob Goff, regularly post offerings that I find meaningful. In an effort to share something I find inspirational, I will sometimes share them on my own social media pages. Some days, I just like my theology “bumper sticker” sized.

Although I thoroughly enjoy exploring the intricacies and nuances of the spiritual life through studying scripture and reading Christian writers, sometimes I just want somebody to sum it all up for me.  I love the fact that 3 of the Gospel writers record Jesus doing just that for us when someone asked Him the question “what is the greatest commandment?”  His answer, so clear and so simple, keeps me grounded on the days when life is complicated and I’m not sure which way to turn.  When all else fails, these words from Him are where I stand.

Several years ago, I wrote a series of posts on The Greatest Commandment.  If someone were to ask me what I think is important in living a life of faith, I would refer them to these 3 posts…perhaps a summary of why I love Jesus and try to live my life as His follower. I hope you will read all three, if you are going to read any of them. I especially love the second one because of what transpired while I was writing it. The third one is something I am hoping to expand into a study or book, Lord willing.

The Greatest Commandment

The Greatest Commandment (Part 2)

The Greatest Commandment (Part 3)