Throwback Thursday Graphic-01This is the not the first Lent that I have observed a Facebook fast.  I first adopted this practice during Lent in 2010.  I am embarrassed to admit that I really struggled with this decision this year, even though I felt fairly certain that it was the “next right thing” for me.  Even more now than in 2010, many connections to my various communities are maintained through my FB newsfeed.  Yesterday, the first day away, I missed the news about a dear friend’s mother passing away until one of my loves remembered that I was out of the loop and texted me to make sure I knew.  Today, I received an email from another friend to make sure I had heard; further reassurance that those other modes of connection still work if the news is important.  It also made me feel loved and cared for that people had noticed my stepping away and knew that I would want to hear this news.  Thank you, friends!  Community is my favorite!

Still, in spite of the feeling that I might miss something, I know that this time away from Facebook will prove to be significant.  I think, even more than last time, I need a season to quiet a few of the voices in order to hear God’s more clearly.  In this season of transition and new directions, I often find myself spinning my wheels.  This Lenten season, I have a hunger to dig a little deeper into the places I get stuck, so this seemed one way to create space for God.  Especially because I seemingly have NO ability whatsoever to disengage from FB once I log on.  I blame all of you, my dear FB friends! 🙂 While I am away, I would love to increase the “conversation” here on this blog, so I hope you will comment, if you find yourself visiting.

As I re-read this post I wrote last time, I find that most of what I wrote is still accurate and applicable.  Especially the part about how much I LOVE Facebook!  And how I have no opinion or judgement about anyone else’s use of FB.  Please read:

Why I Gave Up Facebook for Lent

Are you giving something up for Lent?  Or adding a spiritual discipline?  Would love to hear your thoughts!