As you may know, dear reader, I am a brand new empty nester exploring my next Throwback Thursday Graphic-01chapter and trying to figure out what I’m going to be when I grow up.  Who am I?  What new things might I have to offer the world, now that this space has opened up in my life?  Having just been through a similar process with 2 children trying to choose a college and a college major, I know the clues are found in my journey up to now.

When I was reading through my old posts recently in the process of launching this blog “remix,” I discovered several other conversations around the issue of identity.  These two are my very favorites and also both earned inclusion in the category “Things That Make Me Laugh.”   They also qualify, somewhat to my embarrassment, for inclusion in the category “My Hair….”

Because they were both written several years ago, I am inspired by God’s faithfulness to both me and to the dear friend that I wrote about in the story about cows.  Since then, I have become a runner after all.  Since then, she has wrestled with something MUCH more difficult and dangerous than cows.  And since then, my hair has changed numerous times 🙂

In honor of Throwback Thursday, please enjoy these two favorites of mine!

Chasing Cows

The Meaning of My Hair