Today I spent some time talking with some friends about living on this side of Easter…what difference does it make in our everyday lives that we are beneficiaries of the Easter miracle?  In preparing for our time of study, I ran across this excerpt from an Easter homily.  I thought it was a wonderful reminder of the gift of Easter that continues into Monday morning.

In a planet that has apparently gone berserk, hope dims. In an economy that has plummeted, dreams shatter. In a world where wars continue to be fought, fear cripples. In a society where man becomes increasingly inhumane to his fellowman, trust perishes.

But we still hope. We pin our hopes on Someone who conquered hopelessness by curing the sick, feeding the hungry, mending the brokenhearted. We pin our hopes on Someone who overcame forsakenness by being helplessly nailed to a tree. We pin our hopes on Someone who has broken through the absurdity of a dark and despicable tomb. We hope in a Risen Lord!

We are a people of hope. We don’t hang our star on material possessions. We don’t hook our star on superficial happiness that comes from fleeting amusements and allurements. We don’t hang our star on the false sense of security that comes from military might and technology. All these are good and beneficial to us. But they can fail. And they have failed us before. And they are not forever.

Our ultimate hope is on a super-event. It was an explosion of life and grace. It was the dawning of the fulfillment of every human being’s deepest longing: inextinguishable happiness. This event is Easter.

We are an Easter People!

~ Father Ramelo Somera- Kauai