Words are the currency in which I deal.  Words are what I do.  Words that I offer in encouragement to friends and family, words that I give in guidance to my children or another who seeks my counsel, words that I sing, words that I read, words that I write, words with which another blesses me.  I delight in words…I find great pleasure in a phrase skillfully written.  I am inspired by words written thousands of years ago and preserved in scripture; words written in response to a long ago challenge that are as true today as they were then.  I am entranced by the power of a story well told in language that connects at both an intellectual and an emotional level; words that paint a picture that takes me places to which I have not yet traveled physically.  I am challenged by words from fellow sojourners on this path I have chosen; friends that I have not yet met who also seek to participate in this Kingdom of God of which The Word made flesh spoke when He walked among us.  Words that move me to action, words that entreat me to Be Still and Know.

My journey as this new season begins is a journey of words.  I have missed THIS place for words and I hope that as I invite God to speak His better Words into my life, some of them may overflow here on this blog.  I know that writing down what I hear is part of my journey, even if I am still a bit fuzzy on the details.  I have attempted in this busy time to clear space to listen; to others, to myself and to God.  For when I speak or write without listening, I am just making noise.  I am grateful in this season for a number of new opportunities to listen and teach.  I am saddened that it was time to say goodbye to other places where I have heard God speak in the past.  In all ways, I am aware of His abundant, extravagant grace and I am grateful.

On this day of remembrance, I am also aware that there are some great sadnesses for which there are no words.  A place where words are inadequate, where the only appropriate response is silence and love.  In those places, the ministry of presence knows that the only words that matter are “I love you and I am here.”   My prayers are lifted up for those who mourn today for those losses suffered 8 years ago.  We have not forgotten your loss…indeed, our loss.

For those of you who have checked this blog regularly while I have been silent, thank you for your faithful encouragement.  You are a blessing!