Today we are having a snow day and it is March!  What an unexpected blessing!  Ok, so it is not totally unexpected as I have been tracking the storm for several days.  As I have mentioned before, I am a bit of a weather nerd.  I love to watch the weather and my absolute favorite is to track a potential snow storm.  I love snow and perhaps even more, I love anticipating snow.  This winter, in addition to the several weather sites that I usually frequent, I have found a couple of weather blogs.  This is when someone who forecasts weather for a living throws out their latest ideas on what may be approaching and then a whole bunch of people who WISH they did this for a living critique, question and kiss up to said weather expert.  It is extremely amusing and has added this week to the considerable time that I already waste on the computer.Winter 2009 031

Forecasting weather is a funny thing, isn’t it?  While the computer models do a pretty good job of warning us in advance to watch out for a potential weather event that may impact our daily living, it really is essentially guessing about something over which we have no control whatsoever.  Kind of like life.  Our best laid plans can only offer us the illusion of control in a world where there is so much uncertainty.  For me, that is where my faith comes in.  I find comfort in knowing that Someone does know what is coming, does know what will happen and does have my best interests at heart.  We do the best we can to prepare for what life throws at us and then leave the rest to God.

I hope you are enjoying your snow day as well, if you are among the many folks to whom God said “Stop, slow down” today.