The_Shack_cover I have another great book to recommend to all of you.  I just finished reading a novel called The Shack by William P. Young.  I absolutely loved it!  The first 80 or so pages moved a little slow for me, as the author attempted to set the stage for the main focus of the book.  However, once we were into the heart of the story, I found that I chose to read it slowly to savor the richness and the beauty of the picture that the author was painting.  I don’t want to give anything away, but essentially the book details a fictional account of a man’s up close and personal encounter with God after a tragedy has occurred in his life.

Sometimes, I like to read a different translation of a familiar bible verse, so that I can really hear what the verse says.  Having heard it in that particular translation many times before, the truth becomes buried in the familiar cadence of the words.  Reading The Shack was like reading the story of the God who loves me in a different translation than I had ever heard it before.  Looking through a different lense, I was deeply moved as I was reminded once again that God is “particularly fond of me” and pursues, but will never demand, an intimate relationship with me.  The author turns traditional religious stereotypes upside down in his depiction of the three members of the holy trinity and some readers might find this unsettling.  For me, it broadened and deepened the biblical perspective with which I am familiar and reminds me that we can never fully understand that which we have no frame of reference to grasp.  God is too big to keep in our little man-made boxes. I like that Mr. Young created a work of art that speaks to our heart, yet doesn’t avoid dealing with the some of the very hardest questions of our faith.

I can’t say anymore without spoiling it.  Read it and then let me know what you think!  And to my mom’s friend Yvonne who took my hands in hers, looked me in the eye and said “you must read The Shack,” I say thank you so much!!  Papa is especially fond of you!