It was another powerful day for the Beautiful Babes.  It has been my absolute privilege to serve as a tour guide for the girls on this journey.  I wish I could share with you all the special moments as I watch each girl find her unique way to serve…as I watch each girl step one more tiny step outside her comfort zone.  My job as tour guide is to notice God at work, point that way and say “WOW!  Did you guys see that one?  Isn’t He awesome?”  Three days in and they are already taking over my job, as I hear them exclaiming to one another “that was so great when that happened” or “you really made that guy smile” or “God gave great weather to the other team (who was working outside) today.”  Now, I am just sitting back and watching God do His stuff.

The most beautiful moment today came when one of our quieter girls drew a picture of one of the guests at the Lamb Center and presented it to him as a gift.  This person who feels invisible, unseen, forgotten was given the gift of seeing himself through the loving eyes of a truly gifted artist…a young girl who was stepping WAY outside her comfort zone to even be here this week.  He was deeply moved by the gift and expressed this appreciation to her.  The other girls noticed…one of the other guests noticed…and this young woman spent the rest of the day hearing affirmation from her new friends that she had been used by God by sharing herself in the way that she knew best.  The other girls even shared the story with the rest of the group when we returned to the church this afternoon.  Christian community at work.

This experience is another example of God’s “fishes and loaves” economy.  When we lift up whatever He has given us….when we lift up our blessings from Him with open, outstretched hands, He blesses it and multiplies it and uses it to achieve His purposes.  It is really that simple and that beautiful.  And, it is the purpose for which we were made, so it just feels really true and right and real.

Pray for me tomorrow, SERIOUSLY.  Apparently, I will be driving the church bus to Woodstock, Virginia where we will do some farming!  Agreeing to drive the bus is ME stepping outside my comfort zone!