Per Katie’s request in the comments on my last post, I have decided to share pictures of my front yard as well.  So that you will not worry about the mental health of my youngest daughter, I must begin by sharing some of her artistic influences.  She is a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan.  We have the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection.  Do you hear me when I say how much she really, really likes Calvin and Hobbes??  Here is a selection of Calvin and Hobbes snow art gallery (click on the individual comic strips to enlarge them…these are kind of small and they are really funny:)

01242007_calvin_hobbes03 01242007_calvin_hobbes04

Horror Sports Ok, so you get the idea.  They get home from school yesterday and they discover that this snow is the world’s BEST snowman building snow.  Seriously, you can literally roll up the snow.  My girls are initially building a snowman together…that is until the younger one decides to build a “Calvin and Hobbes” snowman.

Dec_07_and_jan_08_058 My daughter is on the left.  The other child is a neighbor.  My older daughter was horrified and stomped off in disgust once the stake in the head and the fake blood appeared.

My eldest daughter is really much more of a rainbows, puppies and unicorns type and she did not think this snowman was one bit funny….not one bit!!  So she built her own snowman by herself.  Here is her sweet little snowman.  Look how she is patting him lovingly on the head…or maybe protecting him from a stake in his brain.  I swear, I gave birth to BOTH of these children!

Dec_07_and_jan_08_059 Dec_07_and_jan_08_2

And yes, this is in my FRONT yard.  I am very proud of our Christian witness to the neighbors 🙂