Dec_07_and_jan_08_005 We will not be attending indoor soccer practice, basketball practice or Stephen Ministry training this evening….yes, that was all on the agenda.  I will not be rushing to fit dinner in, get homework done, drop kids off, and get out the door to teach my class.  I will turn on the fireplace, make chicken and dumplings and maybe read a book.  The most I will exert myself will be to yell at the girls to take their wet boots off before they walk across my clean floors when they come in from sledding after they get home from school. (I really can’t believe they didn’t send them home early!)  It is magical outside!  I LOVE snow days.  Now I am praying for at least a 2 hour delay tomorrow.  If you live here in the D.C area, I pray that you are not having to deal with traffic, but are also safely in your home and enjoying this beautiful day.