We are furiously packing for the beach today.  My daughters and I auditioned for our church’s next musical production this morning and, in preparing for that, I didn’t start packing until today…we leave about 6 a.m. tomorrow!  Our next musical will be FootlooseYou may remember, that first born child and I were in Godspell this past March.  It was an awesome experience and I really want to have the opportunity to be in a production with my younger daughter as well.  In fact, that is the whole reason that I am trying out again (other than my incessant love of performing, of course!)  This time, they did the auditions like a “real” theatre production, so we had to prepare monologues in addition to learning a song.  My kids also had to dance.  Thankfully, for all involved, I was NOT required to dance…YIKES!!

So we have been working on our monologues all week, having a blast practicing for each other.  I am grateful to report that both the girls did great.  They completely rocked on their monologues and they both did their absolute best work in song and dance (they have somewhat different abilities in the song and dance arena, so I was pleased that they both felt good about what they personally accomplished.)  I felt good about my song, but I stumbled in the middle of my monologue and, after recovering from a long pause, realized that I had left out about a third of it!  Oh well!  The really sweet thing was watching my kids reassure me afterwards.  They were so precious and I love that we had the opportunity to encourage one another, pray together before (and during) our auditions and then comfort/ congratulate each other afterwards.  I really hope we all three get to be in the show in some capacity…the three musketeers, all for one and one for all (too bad their daddy doesn’t have an inclination for the theatre!)

But, that is now behind us and we are headed for my absolute favorite place on earth!!  I leave you with this picture.  It is me and my auditioning buddies at the beach in 2005.  The other is a sunrise pic from last year.  Pretend it is a postcard from me with the words to the Jimmy Buffett song above written on the back!!  Talk to you next week!

Beach_2005_003 Beach_trip_2006_51