Here is a picture of our house for the last couple of days; since Saturday mid-day to be precise.

We discovered after HP5, that we needed more than 1 book…mom and dad had to wait too long for their turn!  With HP6 and now with HP7, we pre-ordered 2 books from Amazon and then sat by the door all day waiting.  I was in the backyard, petting my flowers, when the mail came on Saturday.  This is what I found when I came inside.Hp_arrives_2_2 Hp_arrives_3_2











Here is what happened to the rest of the mail that day:

Hp_arrives_4  What fun!  There is nothing like opening a new book that you KNOW is going to be fantastic.  The girls have been reading non-stop since Saturday, with only occasional breaks.  The big one is taking less breaks, so I think she will probably finish it today.  I will be standing over her shoulder ready to grab it the minute she finishes!  In fact, yesterday I told my little one to go read when I saw her taking a break….”hurry up, finish that book!”  Now, if I can just keep them from telling me how it ends before I get my hands on it!