You know those days…those days that you find yourself at 10:00 in the morning, in the guest room, in bed with a handsome stranger, surrounded by a film crew of 5 led by the church organist?

Or is that just me?

No, that wasn’t one of those wierd dreams that we all have (or is THAT just me?), but an actual, real-life description of yesterday.  I spent yesterday hosting a video shoot at my house.  My buddy Kent, who happens to be our multi-talented church organist, was clearly wowed by the delivery of my one line in Godspell 🙂 and consequently asked me to be one of the actors in a promo video that he was directing and producing for his “real” work with the federal court system.  Either that or he wanted to use our house as the setting.  Either way, I got to play actress for the day with a real live handsome actor.  He played my husband in the video and was almost as handsome as my actual husband.  Almost….but not quite 🙂

So, these men show up at my house at 8:15 a.m. and I am still in hot rollers…yes, I do require hot rollers to pull of my big ole’ Texas hair-do.  So I let them in and leave to get rid of one dog and one daughter.  Since Kent was there, I let first-born stay asleep in her room.  (By the way, I did take out the hot rollers before I left; probably too soon…they said they would be there at 8:30!)  After dropping off dog and daughter, I return to find 6 men in my kitchen, waiting for me, one of them in pajamas.  They lead me up to my guest room where they have blacked out the windows and set up bright lights and huge cameras.  I am then invited to get into bed, fully clothed of course, with handsome actor man in the pajamas.  With great acting skill, I then proceed to play “sleeping wife” while he fumbles with alarm clock and expresses great frustration over the early hour and his anticipated commute in horrible traffic.  I am pretty sure that I was brilliant in this scene and really looked asleep.

Handsome actor man then did some other scene that didn’t include me but did involve my coffee pot.  I’m sure you, my loyal readers, have no interest in that.  We then proceeded on to my big scene where I had actual lines.  In this scene, we are having a leisurely breakfast together, thanks to some fabulous new teleconferencing capabilities that allows my hard-working husband to perform his work duties at home as opposed to fighting traffic.  We discuss dry-cleaning, the kids, our lunch plans and what to do with his dirty breakfast dishes.  Then handsome actor man lovingly kisses me on the cheek and heads into the office in the room next door.  Again, after 25ish takes and several camera angles, I am pretty sure that I was brilliant and offers for more acting gigs will come pouring in as soon as this video hits YouTube.  We’ll have to see how my hair looked however, as I am pretty sure that I had to take out my rollers too soon.

I am probably breaking all sorts of actor’s union guidelines, but here is handsome actor man’s headshot.

Michael_davis_headshot_2 Pretty cute, huh?  According to his resume, you can see him as a Secret Service dude in “Airforce One” as well as some other movies that I have actually seen.  All joking aside, he and all of the crew were super nice guys and we had a lot of fun playing “make-believe.”  It probably really is a pretty fun way to make a living and I appreciate Kent including me for the day.

If you see us on YouTube together, I promise that I was fully clothed in the “bedroom” scene and I only enjoyed the kiss the first 6 or 7 times.  Hee hee!