Opening Night tonight!  I can’t believe it is finally here!  For those of you who want to come to the show and don’t have tickets yet, tonight is your night.  Saturday and Sunday are both sold out! My younger daughter took over 200 pictures at our rehearsal on Wednesday night.  Today, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  I wanted to post a bunch of pictures, so they are small.  If you click on the individual pictures, they will open into a larger version.  Enjoy!

Godspell_2007_118 Godspell_2007_007 Godspell_2007_023 Godspell_2007_033

Godspell_2007_052 Godspell_2007_056

Godspell_2007_060 Godspell_2007_065 Godspell_2007_076 Godspell_2007_088 Godspell_2007_095 Godspell_2007_103 Godspell_2007_113 Godspell_2007_149 Godspell_2007_153 Godspell_2007_156 Godspell_2007_163 Godspell_2007_181 Godspell_2007_182 Godspell_2007_190 Godspell_2007_195 Godspell_2007_198