I’m baaaack!

It seems like it has been forever since I have posted an entry here on my blog.  2007 has started rather oddly for me and it seems my lesson du jour has something to do with waiting.

Shortly after Christmas, I began having some health problems that have continued into the new year.  If I am honest with myself, these issues have actually been around much longer than that.  I have seen more medical professionals in 2007 than I saw in the entire year of 2006.  I don’t particularly like going to doctors (who does?) but, when I do, I want answers…now.  Like most Americans, I am interested in the quick fix.  Just write me a prescription and make it go away.  Yet, like much of life, it doesn’t always work like that.  We have tested and waited….tested some more and waited some more…  Now, even though we still have no definitive answers, I seem to be getting better.  While I have some suspicions about other contributions to my improved health, I know it is in large measure due to the prayers of people who love me and the God of healing whom we serve.

So, what have I learned from this past month?  That patience is not one of my virtues.  That I am grumpy when I don’t feel well.  That I tend to isolate myself when I am struggling.  That I don’t like to admit that I am not doing OK.  That I prefer to pray for others than to ask for prayer.  That I have incredible admiration for people who suffer years of chronic health issues when I get whiny after one little month.  That it sucks getting older…ok, not really….I actually like getting older in so many ways…just not in the “my body is falling apart” way.

On the other hand, I have also learned some other things.  That I can be pretty tough when I decide to fight.  That I couldn’t make it without my girlfriends, my family and my church family.  That my husband truly is my knight in shining armour.  That a lot of people have it WAY worse than me and therefore, I have no room in my life for self-pity.  That even when times get a little bit tough, life goes on and there is joy in even the hard days.  That laughter and humor are indeed the best medicines, especially when it’s not funny.  That God ALWAYS provides what I need, even when I don’t know what I need or how to ask for it.

As I said, I’m MUCH better and I suspect we are over the worst of it.  In the meantime, in an effort to combat my apparent physical decline into the aches and pains of middle age, I have gone on the offensive by implementing some positive new health habits.  I have been exercising regularly and eating better.  I believe in the connection between our mental health and our physical health, so I am looking at the ways that I care for myself emotionally as well.  For me, in the last year or so, that means doing some writing…so here I am again!  I am going to try to start writing regularly again….I miss my blogging!