Alexs_birthday_2006 When I began this blog in September of 2005, I explained why I had chosen the name Seeking Him and the verse that I have at the top of the page.  Last Christmas, my mom made me the pillow that I have pictured here.  I still find these words from Jeremiah to be some of my favorite of God’s promises to us.  “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”  Seeking Him is always within His will for us.  When we pray to find Him, He always answers YES!  Isn’t Christmas all about a renewed seeking of His presence?

I was reading the Advent devotional that I have been enjoying this season and I ran across these wonderful words in reference to my favorite verse.  They were written by Terri Colburn:

From that day forward, this Scripture has been a solid rock at the core of my faith.  It speaks to a God of passionate involvement, a God whose promise is unflagging, a God who will not hide from a wholehearted seeker, a God who does not require specific words or specific rituals, a God who requires simply nothing more or less than our whole hearts.  That same God who called to Mary and called to Joseph, that same God who calls to us each and every waiting day of Advent, promises that as long as we seek with our hearts we shall find.  No doubts and no exceptions.

Almighty and amazing God, we thank You for the promise to reveal Yourself, if we seek You with all our hearts.  Help us to lean on that promise when we feel far away from You.  Help us to lean on that promise when our churches are less than helpful in our seeking.  Help us to lean on that promise when the waiting seems too long and hard.  And help us to seek You in Advent season, so that, as your Son was born into the world, You will burst also into our hearts and souls and lives.  Amen

Just our whole hearts…nothing more and nothing less.