Just a quick entry today to direct my readers to a new favorite of mine.  I have recently begun reading a blog called don’t eat alone that I have really found to be a blessing.  I loved yesterday’s post about our struggle to make any sense of the darkness and light that co-exist around us.  Here is an excerpt that I thought was rich in truth:

Darkness and light smashed one against the other. How do I make wholeness out of these fragments?

One of the ways I’ve heard people try and cope with such disparity is to say, "There but for the grace of God, go I.” I’ve said it, too. I don’t want to say it anymore because that’s not what I want to say about God’s grace. I don’t see a possibility for wholeness if my perspective begins with, “Thank God that’s not me.” That only heightens the fragmentation of our existence. Grace is not a reprieve from hardship and the realities of life. Grace calls us into the pain, not to give thanks that we weren’t the ones who got hit by the train.

Thanks, Milton, for your words of wisdom.