Shawl_ministry I thought this went so well with what we have been discussing here on my little ole blog, that I just had to share!  A friend sent this article to me by email.  It is one of those daily devotionals that she gets everyday and she sent it to the ladies who are involved in the shawl ministry that she started at our church.  I learned to knit from her and keep meaning to go the meetings, but so far, I haven’t made it.  Anyway, she is a wonderful example of taking the gifts and passions that she has received from God and pouring it out as an offering to God…for Him to use for His glory and to bring about His Kingdom.  She loves to knit and she is exceptionally good at it.  A simple thing, yet a thing of beauty because she knits “unto the Lord.”  Many have been and will be blessed by the ministry she began in obedience to the God she loves and serves.  The shawls that she and the others create are a tangible expression of God’s love and care poured out through hands consecrated to His service…an offering to Him and to the person who receives the shawl in a time of need.

Anyway, go read the article.  Here is an excerpt:

A lot of this is in how we think. It’s all about becoming other-conscious versus self-conscious.  Being self-conscious is what happens without any effort. It’s the natural human way of going about our lives. Becoming other-conscious is what happens with some effort and the Spirit of God to empower us.

We were not made to go at it alone. We were made to serve each other so that in community, we all get our needs met. It’s a little like saying, “I’ll scratch your back, and you scratch mine,” but more complicated in that we are all gifted to meet each other’s needs in different areas and different ways that only the Holy Spirit could arrange.

Serving one another…the Kingdom of God is at hand.