My baby turned 10 the other day.  Both my kids are now in double digits.  I am running out of time!  My oldest informed me that her first youth group event at the church (!!) next week will take place on her half birthday…she will be 12 and 1/2.  A kid in youth group!  I am definitely running out of time!  I am going to blink and I will have 2 teenagers living in my house!  I remember when my kids were both tiny and I was exhausted and they were really hard work and people would tell me “it goes by so fast…enjoy it!”  Man, is that ever the truth!  I really can’t believe they are both this old.

What if I haven’t taught them all the stuff I was supposed to teach them in the first decade of their life?  What if we missed something crucial?  I only have a few more years to teach them the really important stuff, so I guess I better figure out what that stuff is.  I always said that if they loved Jesus and loved to read, we would have done our job.  So far, so good on those two items.  But I’m pretty sure there are some other things that I haven’t gotten around to yet and I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

By the grace of God, they are both amazingly precious young ladies and I probably can relax and enjoy these next 6 or 8 last years of their full-time company.  I am actually looking forward to their teenage years, although I know we will have our challenges.  This picture is an old one that shows how different my girls are…that would be Fireball and Starquest…and yes, I wore that blue dress to the prom with my sweetie (now husband) almost 25 years ago.  Fireballstarquest The girls were about 4 and 6 in this picture.  Oh, the journey we have been on so far!

Our life is full and going by fast…just in the next couple days we have a soccer game, a dance recital, a rehearsal for the 6th grade show, visits with family…  I can get caught up in the busyness of it…the tasks to get checked off my list and look up to realize that another week has passed and I wasn’t paying attention.  If I have one prayer, one desire for the next 10 years, it is that I won’t let this time be consumed by to-do lists and activities.  My prayer is that our family will take it slow and focus on one another while we have this time…they will be off on their own before I know it.  God, help me not miss it!