In case you are not a West Wing fan (see below,) here are some thoughts of much greater significance than my grief over the end of a television program.  I came across this post earlier today on a blog called A Place for the God- Hungry (don’t you love that name?) and it reminded me so much of a sermon that I heard Saturday night, that I just had to share.  If you want to read the whole post by this guy, go here.  Here are some excerpts that I find significant:

Many people ultimately change because they see in us something of Christ incarnate.  They are experiencing “Christ-in-you.”  This happens as the Spirit of God pours out the very life of Jesus through you and me.  People experience this as they are in relationship with us over a period of time and they witness who we really are.

So often, Christian leaders just wear people out.  We talk.  We announce.  We talk more.  Sure, there is a time to talk.  There is a time to announce. But–what is most important as a Christian leader or a Christ follower is to be a guy (or woman) who is living an authentic life before God.   That is powerful.  More importantly, that is real.

I want to be there–but I’m not yet.  I want to follow Jesus–but some days I don’t do this very well.   Yet, I think to say this is not a liability.  Imperfection does not mean that one’s walk with Jesus is not authentic.  In fact, it may communicate authenticity.

The real power in today’s church is in men and women who wake up each day intending to live as Christ-followers.  As we follow Jesus, the Spirit of God, who lives in every Christian, pours the life of Jesus into us.  That life is real and visible in the way we love God and love people.

Our relationships are impacted by what the Spirit is doing in us.  People around us are impacted.