I have some ideas brewing that I want to blog about…eventually.  For some time, there has been an epiphany of sorts bubbling just below the surface of my ability to verbalize it.  A realization of a greater Truth…a “yes, that’s it” kind of moment that is not quite fully formed.  God is trying to teach me something, but I haven’t completely got it yet.  I’m listening and waiting and watching.  It’s that feeling you get when you are trying to access a particular word or name and it is right on the tip of your tongue.

Ooooh…I love this!  Here are some definitions of the word epiphany (besides the obvious Jan. 6th Christian holy day:)

-a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence

-a revelation in the everyday world, where the whatness of a common thing or gesture becomes radiant and deeply comprehended to the observer

-a sudden, powerful, and often spiritual or life-changing realization that a character experiences in an otherwise ordinary moment

-a moment of insight or illumination in which a character comes to gain a new understanding about him or herself or the world around him/her

-an epiphany is a sudden intuitive realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something

-originally a religious term for a worldly manifestation of God’s presence…a particular manifestation of God’s presence in the created world.

I love words and their definitions. Epiphany is a great word…I particularly love the connection here between the manifestation of God’s presence in the world and an intuitive leap of understanding based on our interaction with the ordinary.  An intuitive leap of understanding…something that has been there all along, but it is just now coming into focus.  A common thing becoming radiant and deeply comprehended.  I think the “common thing” is my journey as a Christian…stay tuned for the deep, radiant comprehension!  I sure hope that is really is, as I suspect, a manifestation of God’s presence in my life and not heartburn or something!!  😉

I’m reading a new book that just might give me words for some of my thoughts.  It is a book that a friend mentioned so many times that I finally broke down and bought it.  God often speaks to me through book recommendations…the Holy Spirit and Amazon.com!!  For those of you who immediately run right out and buy every book I recommend (OK, I know that is only my mom 🙂 here is the link: it is called Grace Walk and it is by Steve McVey.  I am only a few chapters into it, and it is not written nearly as beautifully as my last recommendation, but the book’s message is profound so far.  It puts teeth in the relationship vs. legalism discussion I have often touched on here…particularly the part about love in my Freedom entry.  I’ll let you know if the book turns out to be as helpful as it appears to be right now.

So, essentially, I have said nothing new tonight.  It is nearly 11:00 and I was missing my blogging….consider this entry a possible preview of things to come.  I hope both of you, my faithful readers, had a chance to catch up with all my past blog entries during my long absence 🙂  The girls and I were on Spring Break last week, so I took a blogging break while we visited relatives in North Carolina.  Hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Holy Week.  He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!!