Ski_trip_2006_058 Ok, I’m back.  I have had difficulty re-entering my “real” life since returning from our ski trip…not that my real life isn’t pretty wonderful!  By the way, I survived the ski trip with no injuries…I am pretty sure that my knees will be working normally again any day now.  We had a really good time with our friends (I have been friends with the two ladies in the picture with me for 30 years!) and I found a really nice balance between skiing with my family and honoring my “inner bookworm.”  I was laughing to myself one day when I was inside reading when everyone else was outside skiing.  I was perfectly happy sitting inside by the fire, looking up occasionally from my book to notice the incredible views from my window.  Yet, I kept hearing a voice saying “Kelly, put down that book and go outside and play!”  I don’t think it was actually my mother’s voice, but I know I heard my mother say those words to me a great deal when I was growing up.  So, eventually, I did go outside to play with my family and I had a great time when I did.  Anyway, it was a wonderful trip and I loved both my ski time with my family and my alone time with my books.  In addition to a good novel, I also had the opportunity to spend a couple of lovely moments with God and our latest bible study!

Ski_trip_2006_018We returned last Thursday evening and it occured to me on Friday morning, when I was watching the Today show, that I hadn’t watched one moment of news coverage while we were gone.  I have to say, I felt assaulted as I watched the news on Friday morning!  There is something quite wonderful about withdrawing into your own little world occasionally and insulating yourself from all of the bad news in the world…or even the “not so bad” but controversial news.  I didn’t even watch the State of the Union address last week!  Anyone want to give me the highlights?  Between television news and this darn Internet, I generally keep pretty up to date on everything that is happening in the world…both the “important” stuff and, embarassingly enough, the latest on Brangelina.  However, it was so nice to withdraw from reality for a little while…or maybe my family and friends up in the mountains are the “real” reality?  Perhaps finding a little more balance with all that stuff when I am not on vacation would be the lesson learned from this observation?

Speaking of reality, must go get some “stuff” done.  More later…