Dcp_3058_3 Dcp_3059_2 The girls and I pass these trees every day on our way to and from their school.  As we pass, we cheer wildly and clap.  We think when God shows off like this, the least we can do is applaud…aren’t they magnificient?

When I see these trees, a bright blue butterfly, or the Rocky Mountains I marvel at His choice to make this world so full of beauty.  It didn’t have to be beautiful to function the way it does, I suppose, so why would He pick such amazing colors?  This may be simplistic, but I think it is because He gets joy out of our delight.

We got our oldest daughter new bedding for her room recently.  When we had it all put together and fixed up just right, the delight on her face was priceless to me.  She had a warm blanket the night before, but this was special…functional AND beautiful…a mixture of her favorite colors in a pattern which brought her joy.  We loved giving it to her and making her little world more beautiful for her; making her feel cherished.  Since we got it for her, she makes her bed every morning and puts the throw pillows on the bed in perfect order so that it is all just right when she leaves for school.  The way she cares for it makes me know that she appreciates it.  It brings me joy to see her delight in the beauty of her room.

I am sure when my girls are teenagers, I may not get the enthusiastic participation that I enjoy currently.  They may become too embarrassed to cheer and applaud for purple flowers in spring, red leaves in the fall, or sparkly snow in the winter.  Even when they are too cool to make a spectacle of themselves like we do now, I do hope that they will always applaud in their spirits (and maybe out loud, if noone is watching!)   For now, if you see us driving down the road cheering and clapping, you’ll know why.  God was showing off again and we are showing our appreciation!!