Dcp_2444_3 This is one of the “scary bowls” that I have in my kitchen.  You know, the place that you put all the random stuff that accumulates in our lives…  the catch-all that you swear you are going to clean out tomorrow or this weekend?  We also have a scary basket and a scary drawer…ok, actually there might be more than one scary drawer.  We also have numerous scary stacks.  One day I walked by said “scary bowl” and noticed the booklet that was sitting in the bowl.  I think it was a freebie that was sent to me along with my Real Simple subscription.  Please take a moment to notice the title of the booklet in the scary bowl.

Clearly, I had not yet read the booklet.

Something about this picture makes me laugh really hard.  I would like to offer you some deep spiritual metaphor, but mostly it just cracks me up!  So, for today, please laugh with me…then laugh again when you pass your own personal scary bowl, basket, drawer or stack (you know you have one!)

No, I still haven’t read the booklet and now I don’t know where it is.  If I find it, I’ll let you know what it says. 🙂