My friend, Tasha, had a baby this morning…a baby boy named Luke.  I cried for joy when I heard the news.  I cried even harder when we shared the news with the rest of Tasha’s bible study friends.  I cried again when I pictured his two big sisters meeting him for the first time this afternoon.  A lot of tears for one little baby?  In Psalm 30:5 we find these words that speak to me of this family’s journey and to God’s faithfulness along the way:

“Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”

You see, 2 years ago this Sunday, their first son went to heaven after losing his battle with leukemia.  He was 4.  Jeffrey was a precious child who never quit smiling, even when he was very sick.  He blessed the lives of everyone who knew him and changed us all with his departure.  I don’t know if this is biblical or not, but I like to picture Jeffrey in heaven, whispering in his baby brother’s ear before Luke arrived here.  I think he told him all the best ways to bug his big sisters (in the ways that all little brothers should.)  I think he told Luke to cuddle really close to Mommy on Sunday when her heart will be heavy with memories.  I think he told him about the special “guy” stuff that he and Daddy would share.  I also think he told his baby brother to to let their family know that he was so happy in heaven; that he is watching today and sharing their joy.  Maybe that’s all silly, but that is the picture I have in my heart.

I wish I could share with you all the ways that God has shown His incredible love and faithfulness to this family and to their friends….but it really isn’t my story to tell.  My story is this: 2 years ago this week, I was crying tears of despair and sadness with my friends.  Today, I can’t quit crying tears of joy and praise and thanksgiving.  I think Jesus cried those tears of sadness with us then and cries these tears of joy with us now.  I have been witness to and I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness and faithfulness…in the big stuff and the little stuff…in the darkest nights and the brightest mornings.

Next Saturday, October 1st, we will once again walk with all of Jeffrey’s friends in a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser called Light the Night.  This is a cause about which our family has come to care deeply.  If you would like to support this cause with us, please go to our fundraising page here to make a contribution.

  In honor of Luke’s big brother, Jeffrey.